Pampering Spa Treatments at Haven

Having spent a total of £40m across 35 parks improving facilities, accommodation and landscaping, Haven has also realised the importance that many women put on having a little "me time". So while the rest of the family are fully occupied with the host of activities on offer, they have introduced luxury spas into some of their parks.

What better way to relax during your Haven Holiday than treating yourself to one of the many amazing treatments on offer. You will find the level of service is second to none and the value can't be faulted either. 

Devon Cliffs Spa
You can experience complete calm at the £2.5 million Health Spa at Devon Cliffs in Exmouth.   Here you will find not only a choice of 6 treatment rooms, but also an excellent fitness suite, complete with all the latest technology, plus a steam room, sauna, and jacuzzi.  After participating  in  a world of calm and well being, you then have the option of chilling out on the sun deck.  A visit to Devon Cliffs makes a fantastic Haven Holiday if you love being pampered.

Rockley Park Spa

Building on the success of it's first spa at Devon Cliffs, Rockley Park site in Dorset was the next luxury project to open. This Decleor Spa not only has 4 treatment and therapy rooms, but also offers a Spa Garden where you can enjoy hot and cold "wet experiences", all set within £350,000 worth of landscaping.  You really will feel as if you have been transported to another world.

Spa at Haggerston Castle

Haggerston Castle was the next park to receive the Spa makeover. This popular Haven park, situated on the pretty Scottish border is the ideal retreat for a little pampering and provides a full menu, with Spa treatments for body, face and hands.  Whether you are wanting to detox, rejuvenate or just unwind, this spar will provide it.

Body Treatments
A wide selection of body treatments and massages are on offer at Havens Luxury Spas and these are are all tailored to your individual needs. Using only the best products these massages are customised to give you a totally relaxing Spa experience.  Amongst the treatments you will find on offer are the exotic Comfort Lomi Lomi Hawaian massage, using the elbows and forearms, or the popular Hot Stone massage, which is guaranteed to release tension from the body.  Or how about a full skin and deep tissue massage, all leaving the skin soft and beautiful. This is just a small selection of what is available, but all of the professional masseurs will take you through the full collection of amazing body treatments and find one that is just right for you.

Facial Treatments
There is also a full range of facial treatments available using only the purest products which are customised to your skin type.  These products include Anti-ageing Seaweed, Dead Sea Mud and Chocolate.  There are also beneficial oils and minerals.  Whatever you choose your skin will be left beautifully soft and hydrated making you look and feel  rejuvenated and ready to enjoy your haven holiday.

Nail Treatments
Haven Spas can also offer you a selection of additional services, either to compliment your body and facial treatments or just to enjoy individually. You will find a full range of manicures and pedicures as well as nail treatments and relaxing foot and hand massages. Whether you choose to go for a sophosticated French polish, or try one of the numerous coloured modern nail varnishes, the experienced nail technician will carry out an amazing manicure to complete the new you and improve your feel good factor.